The Cybercircus live online event calendar for quarantine – How to add your event for free!

This article guides you through the easy steps of submitting your live online performance, show, concert, workshop or any other art related event to the new Cybercircus events calendar.

Missing the many faces and emotions around you when you perform, teach or entertain? We are all artists ourselves and we know how difficult it is to reach your audience in the times of Covid-19 quarantine. Crowds became a danger to humanity within a few days on the whole planet and people stick to their laptops and smartphones
in search for communication and entertainment. Your music stage may be your living room now, your street art may have become balcony art, you may not hear your audience laugh and “wow” anymore. But your audience is still out there, waiting for you to show up on their screen to laugh and “wow” again – in their homes.

We want to spread happiness and joy amongst all those who may feel lonely and scared. We want to make them laugh, smile and even dance. We might feel helpless nowadays, but the truth is: We can help to make feel people better and make them use their time at home to learn new skills!

This is why we created this live online event calendar. For you. For them. For all of us.

It doesn’t matter if you are already a professional streamer, or if you are planning on your first art, performance, music, workshop or yoga live stream – you are most welcome to present your hard work to anybody who is searching for happenings in our calendar!

Let’s support each other and adapt to the new situation as a community.

If you are interested in improving your live streaming and making it more interactive for your fans, please follow us on facebook or instagram to get informed about our next blog article on that topic.

We are open for any ideas and conversations on this topic, feel free to send us a message on facebook, instagram, or email us.

The calendar won’t stop to exist when we are ready to participate in offline events again, it will be just filled with more wonderful social gatherings 🙂

Let’s get started!

How to add your event – step by step with useful tips

We put together a handy step by step guide with tipps for submitting your event. Some steps are self explanatory, however, we want to provide you with additional information whenever possible.

1. Give your event a title and a description

Screenshot of title and description field for live online event submission to cybercircus events calendar

Enter the
title of your event and describe what your event is all about and who is the target audience. Provide any links that are related to your event.

Tip: Think about an appealing and descriptive title that explains your event in a nutshell.

The description should contain as many details as possible to attract more audience. Use the editing and formatting tools that we provide to make it outstanding. Try to not just copy paste an event from your facebook page, as most people there already know who you are and know what they can expect. This is your chance to present your art, music or lesson to a new audience!

Screenshot of cybercircus events calendar

If someone hovers over your event, they will see the image, title and description. Keep in mind that these are the three most important features to show potential viewers and new fans what your event is
about. They may not know you yet, so show and tell them why they should attend your event! Be as descriptive as possible.


The title “Yoga workshop” is very general.


“Online Yoga workshop for beginners”

A description like “45 minutes yoga class guided by the amazing Charlotte” is too vague.


“This Yoga class is a 45 minutes long Online Yoga workshop for anybody who wants take his first steps in Vinyasa Yoga. It is perfect for people who … (Who will enjoy your workshop?)

Vinyasa Yoga is … (Short description)

In this session we will cover … (A break down on what you will teach)

What you need: (List the items that are required for the class, like a yoga mat. Think about giving alternatives, as not everybody has  everything available at home.)

For more information about the workshop and myself, visit … (URL to the event page or a page with more information)

I hope to see you in the workshop!

Charlotte – Yoga teacher at …”

2. Add a time and date

Screenshot of title and description field for live online event submission to cybercircus events calendar

Set the time and date for your live streaming event. Please set the correct timezone to avoid confusion.

3. Upload your image

Screenshot of event image upload field for live online event submission to cybercircus events calendar

Upload an
image for your event. Maximum file size is 64 MB, however, please try to keep the file size as small as possible. JPEG is the best option.

Tip: As mentioned before, the image is the visual key of your event. If this is your first online event and you haven’t done any event graphics before, try out Befunky, it’s a free online graphic tool with loads of presets, free photos and graphic elements and it is very easy to use, even for beginners.

4. Choose your event categories

Screenshot of event categories field for live online event submission to cybercircus events calendar

Select from
various event categories, such as cabaret, circus, class, comedy, festival, jam, meditation, music, online event, workshop or yoga. You can choose more than one category.

Tip: If your event is taking place online, please make sure to choose the online event category, so it is easy to find. You can choose as many categories as you want. Nevertheless, think about what fits best
for your happening.

If you don’t find any fitting category for your event, please contact us and we will review your request happily and answer you as quickly as possible.

5. Describe your event further with tags

Screenshot of event tags field for live online event submission to cybercircus events calendar

Choose the
tags that describe your event best. Choose as many as you need.

Tip: The event tags help you to be found by any user who searches for example according to their needs and mood. Here you will find  descriptive tags like funny, informative, scary or dreamy. We are  working on the tags continuesly. If you want to add a tag, please feel free to hit us up and we will happily review your request.

6. Fill out the venue details

Screenshot of venue details field for live online event submission to cybercircus events calendar

Choose the option Live/Online or create a venue in case of an offline event (we hope that will be possible soon again!).

7. Add one or more organizers and their details

Screenshot of organizer details form field for live online event submission to cybercircus events calendar

Please fill in the name and requested details of the organizer of the happening. Please also submit the link to the official website of the organizer. This helps us to get to know you better and to get the attention of potential new fans and followers!

8. Enter a link to your event website

Screenshot of event website field for live online event submission to cybercircus events calendar

Enter the URL of the website where can people get tickets for your event or attend the event.

Tip: You may offer an event you are selling tickets for, so please direct them to the page that is set up for more information and ticket sales. In case you offer a free event, you may want to direct them to the page where the live stream will start at the day and time set, or where
they can reserve their spot.

Are you planning on doing an instagram livestream? Just fill in your instagram account URL and the user can access your live stream directly from your instagram account when you start. Make sure you have an public account, so anyone can attend easily.

9. Inform the audience about the cost of the event and submit it

Screenshot of event cost field for live online event submission to cybercircus events calendar

Please enter the cost of your event. Leave the field blank if you want to hide it completely or put a zero to inform the user that it is a free event. Press submit and you will receive a notification that your submission is sent to approval.

Tip: Your online event doesn’t have to be free. It is up to you how much you want the attendee to pay. Note, that we don’t offer
ticket sales through our website (yet), so please make sure you provide a link to the ticket sales page either in the step above, or in the description at the very beginning.

Thank you for reading our guide and we hope you are ready to submit your online event right away! We check the submissions on a daily basis to ensure that requests are handled as soon as possible. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us:

Stay safe and make others happy!


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