At-Home Circus

At-Home Circus Workshops with Ruccis

 · Hosted by RUCCIS

We’re getting ready to take our At-Home circus workshops up a notch! It’s looking like we’ll all be in lockdown for the next little while, so Ruccis is introducing regular weekly classes so you can get your circus fix!

These classes will be live-streamed on our Facebook page, then made available on our website to view afterwards.

While these classes will be accessible to everyone, we will have a link where you can donate if you’re able to. View the schedule below and mark your diaries!


> Circus Kids <
Mondays, 10am
For toddlers and kids up to 8 years. We’ll have fun making activities with things we can find around the house!

> Strength & Conditioning <
Wednesdays, 7pm
For teens and adults, or younger keen beans! We’ll get moving with a good old warm up, stretch and strength exercises. Don’t forget the abs!

> Circus Fun <
Saturdays 11:30am.
For everyone! This is a mixed bag of circus goodies, with guest coaches teaching a variety of manipulation and tumbling skills. We’ll update our schedule and let you know in advance what you’re in for!

*All times are AEST*

Check back for schedule updates!

Watch back on the website:

Donate now:


Fiercely Embodied Movement Class


with Marcela Widrig

This 75-minute long LIVE class includes movement, breath and embodiment practices. Relevant life themes are woven into each class, so you not only finish energized, but full of renewed wisdom and intuitive depth. These classes are designed to move you to a rich, embodied experience of freedom and resourcefulness.

Bring your curiosity, playfulness and sense of discovery.

Friday, May 1st at 5pm PST. (Find your corresponding time zone here.)

Ideally, you’ll have a space free enough to move in and just larger than a yoga mat. Keep a bolster (thick pillow), blanket and journal nearby.

IMPORTANT: In addition to the initial thank you email, you’ll receive a second email within 12 hours of signing up that includes the ZOOM access link for the live class. Check your Spam folder and save the access email, or even better, drop the link into your calendar.

EXTRAORDINARY TIMES DISCOUNT: I’m committed to making these classes as accessible as possible, during this financially straining time. If times are tight and you truly wish to move with us, use the coupon MOVEMENT to receive a 50% discount, when you sign up.