DJ Belinda /VJ Andreas – Last Live Set incl Project NFT Visuals!

Last extra special live DJ /VJ pre party set on the last day of Neotango TV incorporating 10 years (almost) of Project NFT in visuals plus Australian hour to start!!!!

Please join us for our last sets and the last live DJ set on Neotango TV before the final party!

To thank Neotango TV for hosting our Project NFT event over the last 3 months and in case we still can’t resume our event in December for Project NFT’s 10th birthday, photos and videos from our last 9 1/2 years will be integrated into genius Andreas Lange’s visual images to celebrate Project NFT and our association with Neotango TV in this final set.

Another special treat for the last set is 1 whole hour of songs from Australian artists to start the set. Starting off mellow for a soothing Sunday to settle in before increasing the pace.

The rest of the set will be compiled of favourite songs – my own, those our other Project NFT DJs play regularly, ones I played that got the most reaction from people in the chat (the ones I remember anyway 😉 and songs I have also heard a few of the other Neotango TV DJs play. So it is a set for and in honour of everyone!

Please do not miss this extra special set and if you have ever been to Project NFT since we started you may see yourself on the screen :-). If you have never been to Project NFT please like our page and do come and visit us on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month – when life gets back to normal.

Don’t forget to stay tuned afterwards for the Neotango TV Final Party which will be live and hosted by the extremely entertaining FreDy J (Frédy Cotard) from France – so have a bottle of whatever puts you in a party mood on hand and spend this Sunday night on for the very last time.

If you are having any trouble at all connecting please click the slow connection button, refresh your screen or try a different device. Also take note, during our last 2 sets there was an issue with the server where everyone was disconnected midway through and it takes a few minutes to get back on the site, if this happens again keep refreshing your screen until you are eventually connected again.


DJ Belinda/VJ Andreas – Live Virtual Neo Tango Set incl Balkan Tango Half Hour

This Sunday I will start my set with half an hour of Balkan/gypsy/klezmer songs for tango so please enjoy the rich layers of instrumentation accompanied by VJ Andreas Lange’s ’ beautiful visual dancing.

Immediately after my set will definitely be the recorded live concert of Miguel Di Genova from Otros Aires 11pm-12am. For those night owls DJ Hubert Lelong (France) will be on 12-3am.

As usual all you have to do is click on and press the play button. If you are having problems with the connection click the slow connection button on the top left of the screen, try refreshing the page or try a different device.


DJ Belinda/VJ Andreas – Virtual Set incl Kizomba Tango Half Hour

This Sunday I will start my set with half an hour of Kizomba music to also dance tango to. Kizomba originates from Angola and is dubbed the African tango. It shares a very close embrace and chest lead with tango, along with displacement of the follower’s foot and is very introspective but in my opinion I find it wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more sensual and intimate than tango. Tango dancers pick up kizomba very quickly, except for the pelvic gyration which gives kizomba its character ;-).

The most well known song which both dance styles can be danced to is Mil Pasos with the most famous kizomba performance on YouTube being this clip of Felicien and Isabelle dancing it on a street in Paris

An example of kizomba/tango fusion (or as some are calling it tangomba or kiztango) is:

I am as always very pleased to have VJ Andreas’s visual dancing accompanying my music :-).

Also on Neotango TV this weekend is DJ Jean-Marc Vandel from Switzerland on Saturday night playing specifically for Australians from 7.30-10.30pm and taking song requests on

A Mother’s Day special treat on Sunday before my set from 6.30-7.30pm is a replay of The Magic Violin concert with VJ Andreas Lange’s beautiful changing visual background of Rome where the musician originates from. A few of us saw some of the concert the other night and can highly recommend it, very beautiful playing to many songs you will know. If we are lucky hopefully Il Violino Magico will be in the chat with us!

After my set at 10:30pm-1am will be DJ Hubert Lelong from France who trains and assists the DJs on Neotango TV on the technical aspects of broadcasting and also is known to those participating in the chat.

As usual all you have to do is click on If you are having problems with the connection click the slow connection button on the top left of the screen, try refreshing the page or try a different device, & if you are on Facebook you can click going in the events for reminders (including this one) so you don’t forget ;-):

Belinda 💋😽
Project NFT(Neo Fusion Tango) 📺

https://ta​ Radio interview with alternative tango DJ Belinda 📻

If you are interested to read about how I approach DJ’ing neo tango please check out this link


DJ Belinda/VJ Andreas – Live Virtual Neo Tango Set incl Zouk Tango Hour

This Sunday I will be starting my live virtual DJ set with an hour of music which tango and zouk can be danced to. Zouk shares a close embrace and chest lead with tango, although like with neo tango there is interchanging between close and open embrace. Tango is a very introverted dance, zouk is very hypnotic and the music mesmerising, it’s almost like sleep dancing 😉. Zouk has a constant beat that is danced on but like tango advanced dancers can also dance on the melody. Many pop & r&b songs can be danced by both tango and zouk dancers and they will make up a large proportion of my playlist during this hour. All dances evolve by incorporating (I don’t want to say steal 😉) moves from other dance styles and zouk has recently introduced colgadas. We have quite a few dancers in Melbourne who dance both styles and in 2017 in Berlin ‘Modern Zouk’ have coined the term Zango which is a fusion of both styles. Check out this video to see an example of zouk tango fusion aka Zango

On Sunday I will again be joined by neo tango VJ maestro Andreas Lange from Germany whose visual images synchronising with the music are not to be missed. He doesn’t know what songs are being played until he hears them himself on the spot and reacts instinctively. I also try and pick songs I think will be of interest to him as a VJ to accentuate.

Just click on and if you are having trouble with the connection try the slow connection button, refresh the website or try another device.

Please click going in the event for reminders and updates (anything can happen when you are using live technology 😉) and feel free to share the event.

Format Sunday 26th April

7.30-8.30pm AEST – Zouk tango hour

8.30-10.30pm AEST – Neo tango

10.30-11.00pm AEST – by popular demand repeat of 1st 1/2 hour of 2nd hour of Sun 5th April neo tango playlist for those who missed it

If you are interested to read about how I approach DJ’ing neo tango please check out this link

I hope to connect with you through the music (or in the chat renamed dancefloor) this Sunday!

Belinda 💋😽
Project NFT(Neo Fusion Tango) 📺

https://ta​ Radio interview with alternative tango DJ Belinda 📻


Virtual TRiPTease

‘Virtual TRiPTease’ is a weekly Wednesday online late-night happy hour variety show where virtually anything can happen 😉 8:30pm PDT

About this Event

Lola Boutée Presents


On August 19th 2009, TRiPTease Burlesque-your weekly Wednesday Burlesque Variety show was launched at TRiP Santa Monica ‘LA’s favorite neighborhood bar’- LA Weekly.

TRiPTease Burlesque has become LA’s longest running weekly variety show! Every Wednesday for over 10 years, TRiPTease Burlesque has been the proud home for over 500 rotating artists worldwide starring LA’s top soloists, with touring national and international headliners.

With the current limitations on gathering, we understand the need to connect now more than ever. So, to stay connected we’re bringing you #Virtual TRiPTease a virtual online variety party every Wednesday starting April 1st, hosted by the Original Dame/Producer Lola Boutée alongside TRiP’s one and only sassy pinup bartender, Shira Roman.

Grab a cocktail or mocktail and tune in each week at 8:30pm PDT on Zoom for a hilarious late-night “happy hour” event every Wednesday featuring different entertainment segments each week and special guests!

Save it in your calendars, April 1st 8:30pm PDT for the official launch on Zoom, and every following Wednesday until we can return to the stage.

Free show!

RSVP here for a free ticket to receive the email with the private link to join in the fun!!!

Donations are welcome. Pick a donate ticket to give to our artists. You can also donate on Venmo @LolaPresents, Cashapp $lolapresents, or Paypal:

Thank you for supporting the arts!

Questions or if you’d like to be a guest on the show email us:


It’s time to say goodbye to social distancing and start discovering the CyberCircus world!​

yoga corona

As the novelty of the COVID 19 unveils itself, many performing artists are wondering what will come next, while others are quickly adapting to a new virtual lifestyle. But the current questions are: How do we interact? And where do we meet? The website invites you to the inevitable future. We introduce you to the very first Online LIVE Events Calendar.

For the first time in history, most of us are locked away, realizing that the world will never be the same. Our minds suffer from boredom, our bodies want to move, many relationships face their own challenges and living without routine is making life… let’s say, at the least very confusing.

Basically, out of a sudden, we were given all the free time that we have ever wanted. However, at some point or another, we struggle to keep ourselves occuppied, instead, we get lost with the overload of information and catastrophic news.

One thing is for sure. This won’t to be our last isolation crisis, and we are experiencing a unique opportunity to change the way we use the internet to bring people together.

With this vision in mind, we invite you to take charge of your reality and say goodbye to social distancing, especially when physical distancing is necessary.

Embrace the change and explore your full potential. Share your knowledge and learn from others. Welcome to the CyberCircus Calendar! Submit an event or find a interesting workshop to be part of.
Discover this fun and positive collective of creative minds, even from the comfort of your own couch!

yoga corona


Diego Moreno – Cultural Producer and co-founder of CyberCircus

Christiane Meyer – Fire dancer and co-founder of CyberCircus