At-Home Circus

At-Home Circus Workshops with Ruccis

 · Hosted by RUCCIS

We’re getting ready to take our At-Home circus workshops up a notch! It’s looking like we’ll all be in lockdown for the next little while, so Ruccis is introducing regular weekly classes so you can get your circus fix!

These classes will be live-streamed on our Facebook page, then made available on our website to view afterwards.

While these classes will be accessible to everyone, we will have a link where you can donate if you’re able to. View the schedule below and mark your diaries!


> Circus Kids <
Mondays, 10am
For toddlers and kids up to 8 years. We’ll have fun making activities with things we can find around the house!

> Strength & Conditioning <
Wednesdays, 7pm
For teens and adults, or younger keen beans! We’ll get moving with a good old warm up, stretch and strength exercises. Don’t forget the abs!

> Circus Fun <
Saturdays 11:30am.
For everyone! This is a mixed bag of circus goodies, with guest coaches teaching a variety of manipulation and tumbling skills. We’ll update our schedule and let you know in advance what you’re in for!

*All times are AEST*

Check back for schedule updates!

Watch back on the website:

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The Cyber Circus Challenge

The Challenge

As the world keeps becoming weirder, the future  turns out to be everytime more uncertain. Our modest advice is: when you can’t fight the waves, just learn how to surf them! It might be tricky in the beginning, but we are here to help you getting the groove!

Sounds good? Read on!

…Ladies and gentleman… we have created our new CyberCircus game, and everzone is invited to play! Anywhere, anytime and from the comfort of your own house. So let’s share this smile around the world!

 challenge yourself

+ Play The game


What's this?

Every week, the CyberCircus release different fun tasks that will challenge you to practise some easy circus skills with us. You can find them on our homepage or social media.

Take a picture / record a little video of yourself doing the challenge and upload it to the CyberCircusWorld page.

You can connect with the community (tag @CyberCircusWorld) or invite your friends to take part in the game!

#CyberCircusChallenge #CyberCircus #CyberCircusWorld

We will collect your results and share it as a funky video collage on our platforms. (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook & CyberCircusWorld)

This game is created to inspire, educate and interact. We encourage you to be silly, experimental and creative.


Here we go!

This week's challenge

Take a picture of yourself in profile, balancing a random item on your head!

Fill out and take part in our global circus game!
Enter, whatever name you want to be shown in the CCC Video
CyberCircus around the world! Please let us know, which part of the world you come from.
We are always looking for inspiration - your challenge could move the world!