Living Room Circus Workout

While we are stuck at home, our clowns are working hard to keep their bodies healthy and ready to play. That means we’ve been training circus skills in our living room, and we decided to invite you to join us!

You can take part every Friday night at 8pm (UTC-5) via video chat.

Thanks to interesting folks living all over the world, you’ll find interesting people doing wacky things to keep you company until the wee hours every week.

The Clown Gym


Every party needs a host, and we’ve stepped up to fill the role by providing a few simple rules for the gym which doesn’t actually exist:

  • We know, the world kind of sucks right now. That’s why we are doing this! Help us create a virtual space to get away from all of that emotionally challenging stuff by leaving news discussion for another chat room.
  • This is a clown workout, not a competition. Let’s celebrate each other’s efforts rather than compete or criticize.
  • Sharing is beautiful! Don’t be afraid to add your wisdom, advice, or terrible puns to the conversation.
  • Do your thing! Part of the magic of these circus workouts is their diversity. People from all over the world have joined us to practice their physical skills, work on craft projects, or simply keep us company as we train.

Join the Workout

To get an invitation to hang out with sweaty circus performers, clowns in training, and wonderfully weird people who want to keep moving despite being stuck in one place, please contact us and we’ll send you a link.


At-Home Circus

At-Home Circus Workshops with Ruccis

 · Hosted by RUCCIS

We’re getting ready to take our At-Home circus workshops up a notch! It’s looking like we’ll all be in lockdown for the next little while, so Ruccis is introducing regular weekly classes so you can get your circus fix!

These classes will be live-streamed on our Facebook page, then made available on our website to view afterwards.

While these classes will be accessible to everyone, we will have a link where you can donate if you’re able to. View the schedule below and mark your diaries!


> Circus Kids <
Mondays, 10am
For toddlers and kids up to 8 years. We’ll have fun making activities with things we can find around the house!

> Strength & Conditioning <
Wednesdays, 7pm
For teens and adults, or younger keen beans! We’ll get moving with a good old warm up, stretch and strength exercises. Don’t forget the abs!

> Circus Fun <
Saturdays 11:30am.
For everyone! This is a mixed bag of circus goodies, with guest coaches teaching a variety of manipulation and tumbling skills. We’ll update our schedule and let you know in advance what you’re in for!

*All times are AEST*

Check back for schedule updates!

Watch back on the website:

Donate now:


How to make your online live stream events more interactive

Outdoor events are not going to happen anytime soon. The isolation is not over yet and (some)many people crave for entertainment and communication with others. You can provide both! You have the power to click “go live” and create an interactive space for your audience. A space where they can talk to you, engage with your performance or teaching, and exchange thoughts with all the other stream participants. Even when you are performing an act that allows them to sit back, relax and enjoy, there is time before and afterwards to make the event more interactive and personal.

Don’t let these times bring you down – shine in the spotlight of your own living room lamp, in front of the camera! Bring people together, bring them joy and let them experience wonderful moments.

This article will give you an overview of possibilities and ideas on how to make your event more interactive and engage your viewers, so they come back and bring some friends next time. We will give you a handy tech checklist to prepare you for your stream, followed by tips on interactivity and engagement before your event, at the start of the actual livestream, during the stream, at the end of the stream and after you go offline again.

When you are ready to stream, we would be thrilled to see your event submitted to our free online event calendar so we can share it with everyone who is interested!

Quick tech checklist for your next online live event

Technology is not always our friend. How many times have you witnessed someone that wanted to start a simple Power Point presentation or connect a laptop to an external  screen and they were surrounded within minutes by a small crowd with zero technical knowledge trying to solve the problem for 15 minutes? I had whole meetings cancelled because of this! We want to give you some tips on how you should prepare to avoid this to be able to concentrate on engagement and interaction instead! Make sure the battery of your device is fully charged to 100% or keep it plugged in during the stream.

  • If you are streaming from a smartphone, set all conversations and messangers to mute, as well as your ringtone. If you are using WiFi, just disconnect from the  telephone signal to avoid someone disturbing the stream by calling you. Viewers could be annoyed or confused by the vibration or sound of incoming messages.
  • Disable anti-virus software during the stream to avoid pop-ups while we don’t needit. Also it may slow down your device. Test your stream beforehand. No matter which app, software or website you want to use, make sure you fully understand the functions and test them with a friend before going live for the first time.

  • Check your camera and microphone.
  • Check that you have a stable internet connection with a preferance for a wired solution for improved connectivity and consistency.

Ideas for interaction at every stage of your live stream event

Now we get to the spicy part – the actual tips to engage your viewers and make your Event interactive! If you have any ideas that we could add, don’t hesitate to write us. We’re a community and we want to share your knowledge too!

Stage 1: Prepare your viewers for your event upfront

Prepare your fans and viewers for your upcoming live event and make them excited about it days before it takes place. The more you interact with your fans and followers before going live, the more of them will come.

Here are some tips on what you can do to get more people interested in participating in your upcoming event: Post a survey on your social media channels

Ask your followers something related to the upcoming event. Let them decide what you are going to show them. Unsure about the costume for the next live act? Let your fans choose between options and wear the option most people have chosen. Are you teaching them something, like yoga or meditation? Ask what your fans what they are interested in learning or what skills they would like to improve! Having a live music  performance? Maybe your fans would like to hear a special song next time that you haven’t planned on performing?

Play a game and let your followers be even more involved

One of our Cybercircus community artists, Cybercitypunk, started a game called “Words and Art”. Followers would submit a word, answering to the according Instagram story, or commenting beneath the actual post, and our artist would choose 10 of the submitted words randomly and create a visual story of digital edits and videos containing the words each week. The story grew along with the engagement of the audience and fans started to write whole plots for the upcoming episode. She was happy to obtain incredible inspiration and create with others as they were happy to be part of a collaborative art series (At least they said so! 😉 )

Many of these things can be applied to any kind of event, but there are indefinite ways to build on the idea and make your own participative concept.

Start a social media contest and make your fans feel appreciated

Do you sell tickets for your events? Give people the opportunity to win some free entry passes! Do you teach for free? Give someone the chance to have a one on one session with you! Or maybe you want to spread more awareness about your art? Provide a huge discount or free offer on some of your merchandise! Make your followers and fans feel special and unique and they will become your biggest advocates and spread the word about you.

Stage 2: Interactive elements at the start of your live stream

Camera, sound, action! All attention is now on you and you should make the best out of it! This is the chance to engage with your viewers for the first time, and as we all know, the first impression lasts. How can you make a good and long lasting impression?

Introduce yourself and present the purpose of the event

It sounds so simple, but maybe you are a bit nervous, your setup may not be working as you planned, your cat may jump on the computer and press the ESC button and voilá – you panic and forget what you are here for. No worries. Your viewers will be more than happy to wait and you can just relax and start with a simple introduction. Welcome the viewers with a smile, thank them for participating and introduce yourself and your event. If you experience any technical issues, let the viewers know and they will understand and be patient.

Small talk – get to know your audience

Ask questions to engage with the people in your chat if you have this option. Try asking them where they are from or if they are already familiar with what you are doing. Pick up some of the chat messages and comment on them and you can build a stronger connection with your audience and make them want to communicate more with you and the other viewers.

Engage with the feedback of your fans

Have you received any nice comments lately, or perhaps some constructive feedback? Let your audience know about it! Read it out loud and say a few words why you appreciate it and how it helps you to evolve. Let the viewers know that their love and support for your performance or lesson is valued and that they are not talking to a wall!

Stage 3: During your live stream

Not every event needs to be interactive while it’s happening. Whether you are performing an act, presenting a show or giving a concert, you want your audience to relax and enjoy. However, be aware that the internet connectivity or other technical issues may occur so take care of them as soon as possible. If you are trying to teach some new skills, it would be valuable to collect feedback on their progress.

Pay attention to the technical status of your stream

A weak internet connection may cause trouble during your event. Always check if the quality of the stream is consistent and prepare some fast troubleshooting for the event before it starts to make sure you can react efficiently. Keep your audience informed on what is happening and that you are taking care of it. Also, it may happen that your computer or anti-virus software need that super important update exactly when you don’t need it and they just disturb the streaming. So take a look every now  and then on your device to make sure you are actually still live and visible!

Pay attention to your students and their needs

Are they having trouble to implement what you are teaching? Would they like you to repeat the last step? Ask if everything is alright and empower the viewers to tell you when they need some repetition or additional clarification on what you are trying to teach them.

Stage 4: More interaction with your viewers at the end of the live stream

Don’t just say goodbye and wave into the camera once you are done with the event. Plan in a little bit of time afterwards to start a conversation and turn first-time viewers into admirers of your work and art. You have done a great job so far and your viewers appreciate you – so show them some love as well!

Say thank you!

Thank your audience for taking their time to watch what you have created for them. Simple, but very important!

Ask them for valuable feedback

If you have taught them some new skills, ask them what they would like to learn or improve on next time. Not being able to be present with your students like in a real class is challenging – for you and for them. Maybe the progress is a little bit slower and they need some extra time or help. ListeN to them and implement the feedback in your next class.

If you have performed a show or an act, ask the viewers what they liked most and what they would like to see in the next show, if you are flexible with the concept. Maybe they love how you played the fire hoop and want to see more of that? It will surely make them want to come back to see you playing it again!

Start a Q&A session

If you have enough time, you can offer your audience a Q&A session after your event. They ask, you answer. Easy.

Chat contest – rewards for interaction and attention

I mentioned above the possibility to engage your viewers by starting a little contest upfront. If you feel like this is too much work for now, here is an alternative. Ask a surprise question about something regarding the event that took place just now and who answers first, gets a little present. You could ask a knowledge question (What is this yoga pose called again?) or some funny question (How many bananas was I juggling?). I am sure you are creative and will come up with something!

Stage 5: How you can follow up with your fans on social media

Your event was a success and you are done now, right? Nope! You can certainly follow up with those who have participated and engage those who haven’t yet.

Post a follow-up post

Just say thank you again. A simple post on your social media platforms will show your viewers that you are grateful for their time and that you appreciate them. Perhaps someone had to leave your event early and didn’t get informed about important announcements? This is your chance to inform them and keep them engaged!

Make a ‘best of’ montage video with scenes from the stream

If you have saved the event as a video, you could choose some nice moments and make a short “best of” video clip. It reminds the viewers of the fun they had and makes potential new viewers interested in your next event. They will surely be happy to leave a comment beneath.

Now it’s their turn – Challenge them!

Make the event even more interactive by letting your followers participate in  hallenges! Let them show the new yoga pose they have learned, make them create an interpretation of a song you have performed, or maybe challenge them to juggle some lemons! Whatever suits you. Create a special hashtag for the challenge and repost  some of the videos or photos they upload on your Instagram or Facebook page or  stories. If you use TikTok, make a video and let them answer it.

What’s your ideas for interaction?

We hope that you enjoyed our tips, as some of them come from experience and worked well for us and our followers. We want to inspire you to build up on the ideas presented in this article and evolve them and make up your own live stream interaction plans for your audience. If you have further ideas and want to share them with other artists, write us an email or drop a message on Instagram, we would be thrilled to hear from you! If you have any events planned, make sure to add them to our event calendar for free 🙂 .

Don’t forget to share this article with artists who might need the tips and inspiration!

Stay safe, stay awesome!





From the comfort of your own homes, watch 60 world-class performers show the world some love with an array of amazing talents, in situations you won’t believe—performing from wherever they happen to be while practicing safe social distancing! The shows are new, the stages are unique, the talent is big and the humor is explosive. From eye-popping acrobatics to side-splitting comedy and mind-bending daredevil stunts, there is something for the whole family. There is no end to the variety and talent of buskers, so this virtual event promises to be an experience like no other.

What: World Buskers United
When: Saturday, April 25, 2020 (beginning at 8 a.m. EST)
Where: From the comfort of your home

Check out the Buskers page for a full list of performers, then head to our Schedule to see what’s happening when!

1. The live-stream will appear on our home page on April 25th.
2. The live-stream is free to watch.
3. If you’d like to tip the performers, you can do so by clicking the button below. Tips collected will be divided evenly among the performers. Accepts 16 major currencies $ € £ ₿ … and supports Google Pay and  Pay.

For a full list of acts, visit the World Buskers United website.

For More Information Contact:

Karen Cecy
Rock-It Productions
Toronto, Canada


The Cyber Circus Challenge

The Challenge

As the world keeps becoming weirder, the future  turns out to be everytime more uncertain. Our modest advice is: when you can’t fight the waves, just learn how to surf them! It might be tricky in the beginning, but we are here to help you getting the groove!

Sounds good? Read on!

…Ladies and gentleman… we have created our new CyberCircus game, and everzone is invited to play! Anywhere, anytime and from the comfort of your own house. So let’s share this smile around the world!

 challenge yourself

+ Play The game


What's this?

Every week, the CyberCircus release different fun tasks that will challenge you to practise some easy circus skills with us. You can find them on our homepage or social media.

Take a picture / record a little video of yourself doing the challenge and upload it to the CyberCircusWorld page.

You can connect with the community (tag @CyberCircusWorld) or invite your friends to take part in the game!

#CyberCircusChallenge #CyberCircus #CyberCircusWorld

We will collect your results and share it as a funky video collage on our platforms. (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook & CyberCircusWorld)

This game is created to inspire, educate and interact. We encourage you to be silly, experimental and creative.


Here we go!

This week's challenge

Take a picture of yourself in profile, balancing a random item on your head!

Fill out and take part in our global circus game!
Enter, whatever name you want to be shown in the CCC Video
CyberCircus around the world! Please let us know, which part of the world you come from.
We are always looking for inspiration - your challenge could move the world!

Virtual TRiPTease

‘Virtual TRiPTease’ is a weekly Wednesday online late-night happy hour variety show where virtually anything can happen 😉 8:30pm PDT

About this Event

Lola Boutée Presents


On August 19th 2009, TRiPTease Burlesque-your weekly Wednesday Burlesque Variety show was launched at TRiP Santa Monica ‘LA’s favorite neighborhood bar’- LA Weekly.

TRiPTease Burlesque has become LA’s longest running weekly variety show! Every Wednesday for over 10 years, TRiPTease Burlesque has been the proud home for over 500 rotating artists worldwide starring LA’s top soloists, with touring national and international headliners.

With the current limitations on gathering, we understand the need to connect now more than ever. So, to stay connected we’re bringing you #Virtual TRiPTease a virtual online variety party every Wednesday starting April 1st, hosted by the Original Dame/Producer Lola Boutée alongside TRiP’s one and only sassy pinup bartender, Shira Roman.

Grab a cocktail or mocktail and tune in each week at 8:30pm PDT on Zoom for a hilarious late-night “happy hour” event every Wednesday featuring different entertainment segments each week and special guests!

Save it in your calendars, April 1st 8:30pm PDT for the official launch on Zoom, and every following Wednesday until we can return to the stage.

Free show!

RSVP here for a free ticket to receive the email with the private link to join in the fun!!!

Donations are welcome. Pick a donate ticket to give to our artists. You can also donate on Venmo @LolaPresents, Cashapp $lolapresents, or Paypal:

Thank you for supporting the arts!

Questions or if you’d like to be a guest on the show email us:


It’s time to say goodbye to social distancing and start discovering the CyberCircus world!​

yoga corona

As the novelty of the COVID 19 unveils itself, many performing artists are wondering what will come next, while others are quickly adapting to a new virtual lifestyle. But the current questions are: How do we interact? And where do we meet? The website invites you to the inevitable future. We introduce you to the very first Online LIVE Events Calendar.

For the first time in history, most of us are locked away, realizing that the world will never be the same. Our minds suffer from boredom, our bodies want to move, many relationships face their own challenges and living without routine is making life… let’s say, at the least very confusing.

Basically, out of a sudden, we were given all the free time that we have ever wanted. However, at some point or another, we struggle to keep ourselves occuppied, instead, we get lost with the overload of information and catastrophic news.

One thing is for sure. This won’t to be our last isolation crisis, and we are experiencing a unique opportunity to change the way we use the internet to bring people together.

With this vision in mind, we invite you to take charge of your reality and say goodbye to social distancing, especially when physical distancing is necessary.

Embrace the change and explore your full potential. Share your knowledge and learn from others. Welcome to the CyberCircus Calendar! Submit an event or find a interesting workshop to be part of.
Discover this fun and positive collective of creative minds, even from the comfort of your own couch!

yoga corona


Diego Moreno – Cultural Producer and co-founder of CyberCircus

Christiane Meyer – Fire dancer and co-founder of CyberCircus