CyberCircusChallengeVideo #CC1 As the CyberCircus opens its portals, and ideas are buzzing through the open space, some people far away from each other started playing a circus game together. Online. „We are all together in this, alone.“     Our first round challenged, to head balance a random item. Do you want to see whatRead More
The Challenge As the world keeps becoming weirder, the future  turns out to be everytime more uncertain. Our modest advice is: when you can’t fight the waves, just learn how to surf them! It might be tricky in the beginning, but we are here to help you getting the groove! Sounds good? Read on! …LadiesRead More
CyberCircusWorld, Online Upcoming Events
This article guides you through the easy steps of submitting your live online performance, show, concert, workshop or any other art related event to the new Cybercircus events calendar. Missing the many faces and emotions around you when you perform, teach or entertain? We are all artists ourselves and we know how difficult it isRead More
CyberCircusWorld, Online Upcoming Events
We’re locked in our houses, but THE SHOW MUST GO ON….LINE! Let us entertain you,Let us make you smile… cos goodness knows, we need it right now🙂 🙂 🙂 Support your fellow creative, and tune in to fortnightly LIVE STREAM, pay-to-view cabaret! Each show will feature a tasty selection of performers from all over AustraliaRead More
Online Upcoming Events
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As the novelty of the COVID 19 unveils itself, many performing artists are wondering what will come next, while others are quickly adapting to a new virtual lifestyle. But the current questions are: How do we interact? And where do we meet? The website invites you to the inevitable future. We introduce you toRead More

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