#5     Your online guide for playful and creative activities On this week’s news, you will be spoiled by a full range of online events, be mesmerised by our artist of the week ‘Entourage’ and sneakpeak into an upcoming adventure: the 1st CyberCircus Online Festival! WE WANT YOU!To be part of the 1st CyberCircus Festival! We invite teachers, creatives andRead More
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#4   Welcome to your online guide for playful and creative activities Ahoy all! We hope you are well and healthy, as we have so many positive and exciting things happening in the CiberCircus World! We are excited to share that since we have started the CyberCircus News a month ago, the number of eventsRead More
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Learn how to Juggle and improve your concentration skills!
Learn how to juggle 3 balls! Learn juggling with 3 balls today, while having fun and making friends So what is Juggling in the first place? According to most dictionaries, juggling means: To throw, catch and keep several objects into the air. However, you will soon realize that juggling is also about a lot ofRead More
#3   Welcome to your online guide for playful and creative activities Top Quarantine Things to do   Watch: The Guardian has made an interesting selection of the 10 best virtual ocean adventures you can explore online Be entertained: With Live Performances, films, workshops, discussions, food, drinks, DJ’s at the Be at Home Festival fromRead More
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Outdoor events are not going to happen anytime soon. The isolation is not over yet and (some)many people crave for entertainment and communication with others. You can provide both! You have the power to click “go live” and create an interactive space for your audience. A space where they can talk to you, engage withRead More
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#2   Welcome to your online guide for playful and creative activities This week’s special Grab your popcorn and cuddle up with a hyena, it’s time to watch Birds of Prey: The Emancipation Of One Fantabulous Harley Quinn with pop culture critic, ACMI writer and Number 1 BOP fan Maria Lewis. How to watch: Join Maria on Twitter (@moviemazz)Read More
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Cyber Circus News #1   Are you bored and looking for inspiration? Read on for a universe of fun events and activities online! This week’s special Retro Sweat Get active! Have you heard of Retro Sweat? If you’re keen to jump back into the 80s check it out! Workouts for anybody who wants to haveRead More
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