The Crud Muffins

The Crud Muffins The Crud Muffins


Become a Zine Machine in this workshop with The Crud Muffins

This workshop will focus on the art of zine making and folding. The Crud Muffins will mentor and assist people in the ways of creating their very own mini booklet to draw and tell stories in. As part of this workshop Participants will need an A4 sheet of paper, scissors and some form of drawing utensils.

Participants for this workshop will need:
-A4 sheet of paper
-Drawing equipment

Experience a glimpse of The NadRad with The Crud Muffins

Join the Crud Muffins on a virtual tour of their vibrant, rainbow and other-worldly C.R.U.D HQ. Explore with them the collaborative, low-brow visionary art and be transported to the intangibly vivid and endlessly bizarre expanse of The NadRad.

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