Learn how to juggle 3 balls!

Learn how to Juggle and improve your concentration skills!

Learn juggling with 3 balls today, while having fun and making friends

So what is Juggling in the first place?

According to most dictionaries, juggling means: To throw, catch and keep several objects into the air. However, you will soon realize that juggling is also about a lot of picking up, challenging yourself and sharing skills
with others.

The following instructions is useful for those are curious, have just started or would like to refresh the basics of juggling. 

Step 1:  Make, buy or create your own Juggling ball

The first thing you need, are your 3 juggling balls. You can either buy it here or create your own. The following video by Red Ted Art you shows how to make them with balloons, but you can also use your socks.

Tips: When first learning juggling, the softer the ball the best, as you will be able to spend more time juggling rather than running after the ball… Therefore avoiding tennis balls maybe a good idea.

Step 2: Body position

-Elbow close to your body and hand on a 90 degrees angle.

-Knees a little bend so it is easier to move.

Step 3: One Ball

Start throwing one single ball from one hand to the other, aiming at one single point in the air. Do it many times and watch the following video by Josh Horton:


Step 4: Two Balls

Once you feel comfortable with one ball, it is time to move to 2 balls.

Step 5: Three Balls

So now it is the breakthrough moment! Let’s juggle the 3 ball cascade!

Please don’t rush. Take your time practicing it and remember to BREATH.

If you can’t juggle with the 3 balls, don’t worry, just come back to the 2 balls exercise until you are comfortable with it.

Step 6: Avoid back pains by picking up the ball with your foot.

I wish someone had told me this before. 

So now that you are getting the feeling and hopefully the joy of juggling, is it a good opportunity to practice picking up the balls with your foot in order to avoid future back pains. Just like in this video by Mikecorr circus:

Once you are comfortable with the cascade, why not try these beginner tricks as showed by Taylor Tries 

  • 1 up 2 up 
  • Half Shower
  • Jugglers Tennis
  • Rev
  • Under the Leg

I hope this was helpful! Good luck with your practice and juggling journey. Make sure you check out our Cybercircus Events Calendar for many of circus workshops and activities and if you have any suggestions or relevant questions please feel free to Contact us.


“The CyberCircus aims to empower human potential through the fusion of art, music, performance, and technology.”


Author: Diego Moreno – Cultural Producer and co-founder of CyberCircus

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