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Maker’s Magic: Shadow Characters

June 5 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm AEST

Maker’s Magic: Shadow Characters

Many artists, comedians and psychologists delve into the subconscious by examining our shadow side. Creating a shadow character or an alternative persona can be a wickedly fun form of improvisation. Starting with one’s deepest fears, and one’s most mysterious desires, one may construct an alter ego that takes on a life of their own. Workshop activities will include writing, sketching and presenting short persona-based performances. 

Maker’s Magic: A Series of Online Art/Ritual/Sexuality Workshops with Artist Rebecca Goyette

Artist Rebecca Goyette will be offering ongoing Maker’s Magic weekly workshops each Thursday evening from 8:00pm-10:00pm (EST), starting Thursday, May 7th on Zoom.  These art/ritual/sexuality based workshops for adults will each start with group introductions, a sharing of images and/or video clips, a guided discussion of history followed by a guided art making/ritual session, and will end with sharing.  These sessions are meant to be fun and social, while also stimulating new art-making ideas (reinforcing and sustaining individual art practices at any level), creating ritual and exploring our own sexuality through the lens of art and magic. 

*All belief systems are welcome, no prior experience with art necessary, come ready to imagine and manifest.  Participants should have access to Zoom, and have a pencil and paper, as well as other art and household supplies as indicated in workshop descriptions.

SUGGESTED DONATION: $15 PER WORKSHOP.  PAY TO: Paypal (Friends and Family): rebogallery@gmail.com or Venmo: Rebecca-Goyette

Upcoming Workshops Include: 

Maker’s Magic: Bitch Activism

Taking a look at feminist/LGBTQ+ led activist groups, we see the invocation of the divine goddess, and a reimagining of our matriarchal lineage.  DIY aesthetics, agit-prop theater, comedy, costuming, collectivity all support creative outreach for change.  How can the divine feminine and activist energy be harnessed in these times of political crisis and social distancing?  Join the conversation and brainstorm your own ideas for forming collectives. We will also create an activist persona, through writing and drawing and using improvisation techniques.

Maker’s Magic: Sigil Drawing and Sex Magic

In this hands-on workshop, participants will each create and activate a set of symbols, bringing focus and attention to their own specific desires.  Sigils have a long history of use in magical practices, originally thought of as pictorial signatures of otherworldly entities, later sigils were reinvented as symbols created to manifest one’s desired outcomes. Surrealist artist Austin Osman Spare further developed the technique through combining multiple sigils in intricate pictorial representations called hypersigils.  The group will be guided step by step through the creative and healing process of drawing sigils and activating them in various ways including sex magic.  Workshop participants will design their own series of sigils and  combine their symbols into a final hypersigil drawing.

Maker’s Magic: Blindfolded

In this workshop, we will explore the senses and artistic boundaries/self-imposed rules to create opportunities of chance, visceral mark making and abstraction. We will look at examples of artistic restraint by modernist and contemporary artists. The group will be guided through a series of sensory and drawing exercises, all done while blindfolded. Have pencil and paper available and possibly a wet medium, such as paint, ink, even cooking oil or spaghetti sauce could work in a pinch, and a garbage bag to cover your desk, if you choose to work more viscerally in a home space.

Maker’s Magic: Animal Lovers

Animism, the belief in a supernatural power that organizes the universe, attributing a soul to animals, plants, inanimate objects and natural phenomena, is at the seat of much of art history. From fine art to furries, herbalists to circus freaks, many share a reverence for the power of the natural world.  We will look at contemporary and modernist art, fetish play and everyday magic that revels in the beast, plays with plants and harnesses the unseen from the material world.  We will create animist drawings, using the animal and natural elements to which we are most attuned. 

Maker’s Magic: Drawing Tarot

Welcoming a special guest Tarot specialist, we will look at archetypes and symbolism found in tarot.  How do we look at the details in each deck and interpret them to better understand our own story and fortune?  The workshop will include pointers on reading tarot, as well as creating your own drawn/painted tarot inspired image.  If you have a tarot deck, have that handy, as well as paper, pencils, colored pencils/paints, collage materials you may want to use to create.

Maker’s Magic: Amulets and Sex Toys

The intimate object is the focus of this workshop. Amulets are ornaments or small pieces of jewelry thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease. Sex toys offer pleasure and focus to adult play, they can hold power and meaning, representing the sensual agency of the owner.  The group will examine examples of exquisitely designed amulets and sex toys from various cultures and periods. Be ready to share an object that is charged with personal symbolism and memory for you: a piece of jewelry, ornament or sex toy. We will conduct a series of rituals, based on our associations with this object. Writing, drawing, designing, and communicating will lead us on a deep dive with our most intimate treasures.

Maker’s Magic: Art Altars

We will compare traditional magic altars (that function primarily to honor ancestors, worship deities, and set intentions) with contemporary forms of art installation. Both altars and art installations share attention to arrangement of significant objects in specifically designated space. Both can be charged with meaning by the maker and made to be experienced by self and others. This workshop will go over the basics of setting up a traditional altar, as well as creative exercises to aid the planning of an art installation, to be created with intention. Be ready with pencil and paper to brainstorm, plan, design, and to arrange and activate objects you have collected.

Maker’s Magic: Mess Play

Many contemporary artists, chefs and the kink community enjoy their own varied forms of play. We will look at examples of playing with food in art, extreme cheffing, sploshing and cake sitting, from the wet and wild to the abjectly scatological. What are the impetuses for mess play, what sensual desires are fulfilled, and how can these sensual experiences be varied and according to personal taste? Bring something messy to the party and be ready to break the taboos, touch your face, dip your hands in something juicy, and create a ritual of embodied expression . Have  a garbage bag, some paper towels and disinfectant available for keeping your space and computer sanitary.



June 5
10:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT
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