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Decentralized Dance Party- Virtual Edition!

June 7 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm AEST

In the wake of the pandemic, the DDP is fully Decentralizing- to hundreds of living rooms across the globe! Believe it or not, these virtual Parties are hilarious peak experiences that often leave participants in tears of joy!
Do you refuse to accept an increase in isolation, depression and stress as a result of the pandemic? Do you yearn to connect, create and get silly with the most Authentic, Clever and Alive individuals on the planet? Then join us, for an all-out assault on the forces of fear and loneliness! Every Saturday night!
Official VDDP teaser: https://youtu.be/LSrg_LYxDegLast week’s “Wage Peace” VDDP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xskSJq4_T_sOur Virtual Party Strategy Guide: https://bit.ly/virtualpartystrategyguide
                   >>> THIS WEEK’S THEME- OPEN SOURCE!
We consider Decentralized Dance Parties to be the ultimate “Open-Source” medium…Much like Open-Source software, a DDP is a peer-produced, collaborative undertaking. Everyone pools their talents and energies to create and refine an ever-evolving manifestation of their hearts’ desires.People build sound systems in shopping carts, construct insane backpack-borne laser light shows, crowd-surf each other UP escalators, construct hilarious costumes, install (organic) foam machines in public fountains and perform epic dance routines for everyone to enjoy.It all coalesces into an anarchic explosion of collaborative creativity where ANYONE is free to join and innovate! 
And so!This week’s Party is all about creating and sharing as many unique and fun elements as possible: costumes, props, projectors, lights, sounds, smells, dance routines and MORE.We must rally every ounce of strength, iota of energy, inch of audacity and come together to create a Primeval Party Moment more powerful than all which have come before!
However!In the face of a global pandemic, creating a Primeval Party Moment more powerful than all which have come before is no simple feat…And so!It’s time to unleash the most innovative Parties the world has ever seenParties more Open and Decentralized than anything heretofore imaginedTogether!We will create the ultimate virtual Party experiencesAnd!Link these virtual Parties SAFELY back into terrestrial realms!!HERE’S A LIVE DEMONSTRATION!
The plan is to unleash an Armada of giant Soundboks speakers, Boomcases, Cases Of Bass and classic boomboxes, to create a synchronized network of massive Social Distancing Parties and Balcony Parties across the globe! To deliver spontaneous joy to millions of strangers! EVERY Saturday night!
For over a decade, we’ve been working towards our goal of a Simultaneous Global Dance Party that will unite the entire world in celebration! Finally, we have the means to make it happen! Please join us in fortifying humanity against the forces of fear and loneliness! The Party Revolution needs YOU!
We will be hosting these reality-bending international celebrations every Saturday night until The Entire World is Partying together and we have earned the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying!╔═════════════════╗║ INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS!╚═════════════════╝
This is also a chance to connect with some of the greatest minds on the planet. Wherein we will discuss the practical steps required to turn the pandemic to humanity’s absolute advantage!To transition from “Ego Systems” to EcoSystems and rapidly deploy a new social operating system that will maximize Freedom, Creation and Loving Connection!
An amazing time is guaranteed, as we reconnect with an incalculable number of international friends and finally Centralize the Decentralite Diaspora!But that’s not all!Our ultimate objective is to Open-Source this movement and activate as many Autonomous Party Cells as possible, then host a Simultaneous Global Dance Party and win the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying. For reals.This has been the plan since 2013, and in the wake of the Coronavirus and this new era of unprecedented virtual connection, more achievable than ever!
Full details at www.TheDDP.com
Please join us in fortifying humanity against the forces of fear, loneliness and uncertainty! The Party Revolution needs YOU!



June 7
10:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT
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Decentralized Dance Party

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