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Ahoy all!

We hope you are well and healthy, as we have so many positive and exciting things happening in the CiberCircus World!

We are excited to share that since we have started the CyberCircus News a month ago, the number of events and activities online has increased so much, that our event curators have been forced to work on their contortionist skills to fit all that awesome stuff into our calendar. Read on to find out more, and to check out our latest CyberCircusChallenge video and a basic juggling tutorial!

This week’s top things to do!

Feeling Arty?: The Art Gallery of New South Wales haas launched Together in Art a new online project that opens the Gallery to the world and welcomes in artists, performers, and audiences.

Animals: Why not try your luck to see the Tigers, Elephant and Seals at the Toronga Zoo in Sydney?

Kids: NGV Kids at Home is simply a must for those looking for creative activities for the kids 

Circus: Join the Free Hand Stand Virtual Class by Cirque Athletics this Tuesday at 5 pm or the Living Room Circus Workout with the Circus Freaks at 2 pm.

Paint: London Drawing is running a Live Drawing Online with the amazing model Trixie Divine

Mindfulness: With Deep House Yoga on Sundays and DAILY Pranayama Breathing Session with Temple Berlin Yoga

Music: Open Mic with Cyber Soul Sessions on Mondays 10am

Comedy: The Underground Virtual Comedy Show

Check out this week's CyberCircus community events calendar: 

Cyber Circus Online Event Calendar

*Time Zone: Melbourne Australia

Check the live event calendar for actual times on your location or do it manually here



 challenge yourself + Play The game


Forced perspective images use optical illusions to make objects appear in a different manner than what they actually are. For example, an object could be positioned in such a way that it appears much larger or smaller than it actually is. This week, we’ll all gonna be the strongest muscle man and women by lifting massive objects or people!

Last week's CCC Video
(Circus in the kitchen)

Learn juggling with 3 balls today and boost your concentration skills, while having fun and making friends.

With the overload of information and our multitasking lifestyles, setting a time and place to
be focused can be quite challenging. This is one of the reasons why mindfulness practices and circus
activities are such a relevant tool for our times. […]

Artist of the week

A full wardrobe of different costumes and super engaed in keeping the art alive: Riely Alecia Saville from the Gold Coast, Australia is a highly professional Dancer & Model – Working Internationally! Whether she’s Vamping it up at Dracula’s, BackUp Dancing for Kanye West, Flipping her Fins for Disney, Strutting down a Runway, Choreographing Events or doing Whacky Commercials for Japanese TV, Riely loves to perform! And will do so with a highly professional, yet fun approach.

Stay tuned!

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