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Top Quarantine Things to do


Watch: The Guardian has made an interesting selection of the 10 best virtual ocean adventures you can explore online

Be entertained: With Live Performances, films, workshops, discussions, food, drinks, DJ’s at the Be at Home Festival from the 7th to the 16th of May.

Theatre: The National Theatre is streaming some of its greatest Live hits to be online on Thursdays at 7pm and then available for seven days

Arts: The Opera House has launched a weekly program of unmissable full-length performances, live recordings and never-before-seen footage.

Films: Check out Time Out’s 100 best movies of all time

Craft: The Spruce Crafts shows you how to create your own Macrame with 7 basic knots 

Get active: By joining  a FREE 30 days Beginner Yoga Challenge with Tim or subscribe his great videos on Youtube Channel

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Monday 11th of May

7am (60 mins) – Luke Anderson with Forest Flow Qi Gong

10:00am (30 mins)  At home Circus with RUCCIS 

4pm (45 min) – Pranayama Breathing Session with Justin P Dharuman

Tuesday 12th of May

9:30 am (2hrs) –Bindlestiff Variety Show  Circus • Sideshow • Vaudeville • Burlesque • Dance • Music

10:00 (1hr) Live Virtual Rap Concert: Rappers From Everywhere on Zoom


7am (60 mins) Kirsten Kiran Jot Sikiotis with Kundalini Yoga

Wednesday 13th of May 

8am (30 mins) – Part 1 of 3: Natasha Peiris with Ayurvedic Self Massage – ‘Abhyanga’: Sunrise Ritual – Ayurvedic Self Massage Scalp and Face Massage

8.30am (30 mins) – Kirsten Kiran Jot Sikiotis with Prenatal Pranayama

8pm (60 mins)Tashi Dawa with Slow Flow & Yoga Nidra

7pm(60 min) – Welcome to the Arts Centre Melbourne’s Big Night In with John Foreman with special guests and the Aussie Pops Orchestra

7pm (30 mins) At home Circus with RUCCIS 


Thursday 14th of May

11am (60 mins) Cyd Crossman with Breath an an Erotic Pump

7.30pm (60 mins) – Chris Caldwell and Nilanthi Chandra with Conversation about Exploring the Nature of Shadow


4pm (45 min) – Pranayama Breathing Session with Justin P Dharuman

8.30 pm (30 mins) – Part 2 of 3: Natasha Peiris with Ayurvedic Self Massage – ‘Abhyanga’: Evening Ritual – Ayurvedic Self Massage – Focus on Feet

Friday 15th of May

7.45 am (35 mins) Armelle Sebbag with Shiatsu Stretches called Makko Ho

9:30 am (30 min) Twerk & Tone for FAT BURN!

8 pm (30 mins) – Natasha Peiris with Ayurvedic Self Massage – ‘Abhyanga’: Evening Ritual – Ayurvedic Full Body Self Abhyanga – Weaving the Ritual Together

How to make your Online Live Stream Events more interactive

This article will give you an overview of possibilities and ideas on how to make your event more interactive and engage your viewers

This is a hot topic! If you need personal tipps or guidance for your event, feel free to contact us here.

This weeks CircusChallenge mixes fun with essentials! Costume up for your pancakes, cook backward, balance your pan, juggle your eggs or stir with your feet. We encourage you to be silly and creative – For more circus fun in our everyday life!

Last week's CyberCircusChallenge
(be upsidedown)

 challenge yourself + Play The game


Artist of the week

Firebreathing and manipulation on its finest – Shade Flamewater and his crew from the Flamewater circus mastered this unique art to an outstanding level. Let yourself be mesmerized!


Master fire breathing

You can learn fire breathing from the professionals online! Check out your options here.

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