Cooped-Up Cabaret: Live Stream Variety Show

We’re locked in our houses, but THE SHOW MUST GO ON….LINE!

Let us entertain you,
Let us make you smile… cos goodness knows, we need it right now
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Support your fellow creative, and tune in to fortnightly LIVE STREAM, pay-to-view cabaret!

Each show will feature a tasty selection of performers from all over Australia (and international if ya lucky!)…
Magic in the kitchen?
Comedy in the bathroom?
Fire show in the backyard?
Burlesque in the living room?
Aerials in the hallway?
You’ll never know what you’re gonna get, with Cooped-Up Cabaret!

NOTE: We recommend exercising responsible service of cabaret, and restrict viewers to 16+.

Performers are contributing their talents in return for a split of all profits from paid views to the live stream. Please respect that each viewer is required to pay and the link is not shareable. If you have the luck of viewing with a group of people, please ask everyone to contribute financially (tipping encouraged – see below).

** VIEWERS: This is what you need **
1. PayPal account (free)
2. Zoom account (free)

** VIEWERS: This is how it works **
1. Register for the webinar live stream using the link provided (coming soon)
2. During registration, pay via PayPal or credit card to attend (view) the live stream
3. Log in to the webinar via Zoom at the allotted time
4. Comment/heckle (but let’s play nice) and pledge tips during show
5. PayPal tips (min $5) to during or after show, referencing the performer’s name

This production has been created by Sophie deLightful with the help of Timothy Christopher Ryan. It is by the artists for the artists. We thank you for your support in keeping not only us, but the performing arts industry, alive.

Please contact us if you want to donate more to distribute to performers – every bit helps to cover the lost income from cancellations during the CV19 pandemic.

It is an ongoing event every fortnight, and features a new lineup of Australian and international performers each show!


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